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Seven days in 1 week – let’s make the most of them in our kitchens

Welcome to Juice of Seven Lemons, your go-to destination for wholesome, resourceful kitchen advice and inspiration. Here in Central Texas I cook seasonally, grow what I can, and make the most of what I have in my kitchen.

Essentially, we believe a fulfilling home kitchen is built on simple joys, nourishing food, and mindful choices. Join me as I walk through my life in my resourceful kitchen—from creating delicious meals with natural ingredients to indulging in DIY home and body recipes. This blog is also filled with practical advice, useful recipes, and creative ideas to help you squeeze the most out of your kitchen.

I invite you to come find meals from scratch in our “Healthy From Scratch Food” section, learn more about efficient home cooking in “Home Cook 101,” or find natural DIY solutions in “Natural Beauty and Home.” Likewise, our “Family Kitchen” shows how to spend quality time with family, making your kitchen the heart of your home.

You too can learn to embrace a resourceful nutritious kitchen! We are here to help you squeeze the most out of what you have. Let’s make nourishing choices and have fun in the process!

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Stay up to date with our latest insights! In these posts, I share practical tips, delicious recipes, and inspiration for resourceful, wholesome kitchen endeavors. From kitchen adventures to natural home recipes, we have something for everyone.

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